Orange Luxury Accommodation - The Silverdown Experience

What do you want from luxury accommodation in Orange? A fireplace?  A nice kitchen? Maybe some pleasant views? Oh no, you want so much more than that! And Silverdown Bed and Breakfast has it!

Orange luxury accommodation should have a generous living area with sumptuous couches, well-appointed indoor and outdoor dining options, spacious deck and a soothing fireplace mixed with unparalleled vistas…Silverdown has it.

Orange Luxury Accommodation should have spacious bedrooms with comfortable, inviting king-sized beds, complete with luxury linen, French doors opening to private views and integrated smart technology…Silverdown has it.

Orange Luxury Accommodation should have bedroom en-suites with quality touches and modern fixtures for the discerning individual, private and indulgent showers and oh-so-opulent underfloor heating… Silverdown has it.

Silverdown…luxury accommodation is defined here…

A feeling of opulence and class greet visitors to Silverdown Bed and Breakfast every time; our high number of returning guests can’t be wrong! Silverdown offers hands down, the best Orange luxury accommodation there is to find.

Luxury in the Heart of Orange

The charming, growing city in the heart of rural NSW is literally at your doorstep here at Silverdown.  Our location means you can enjoy both the convenience of the city centre and the quiet and serenity of rural life.  Luxury, convenience and serenity are what makes Silverdown your ideal destination for Orange Luxury Accommodation.

The beauty of having the perfect mix of luxury accommodation, easy access to the thriving city of Orange and adventure at your doorstep cannot be understated…Silverdown is where you can have it all! 

“Need your morning coffee? We’ve got you covered!”

Bill’s Beans – widely regarded as the best coffee in Orange – is less than ten minutes from your doorstep. In fact, stepping out from your Orange luxury accommodation, straight into Bill’s Beans, you won’t even skip a beat; like Silverdown, Bill and his team of local roasters and baristas strive for a satisfying experience for their customers by using the best beans on the best equipment, coupled with the best service that money can buy.  It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing morning than enjoying a sunrise while sampling the best coffee and produce that country New South Wales has to offer.  Make a weekend of it – or why not make it a whole week or two! Book at Silverdown Bed and Breakfast and enjoy the best Orange Luxury Accommodation. 

Silverdown makes dining out in Orange a breeze.  Local restaurants and cafes in Orange really make the best of the abundant and extraordinary local produce.  Fancy a cheese souffle from local legends Lolli Redini? How about a magic mushroom caramel from the highly regarded Charred Kitchen and Bar? Or maybe organic sourdoughs and real butter pastries from local icon, Racine Bakery is your thing? If not, a BBQ roasted pork rib rack from the champions of local produce, The Greenhouse of Orange should get your salivary glands running!

All of these (and bucketloads more) are less than ten minutes from your door at Silverdown – your first choice for Orange luxury accommodation. 

Golden History at the Doorstep of Orange Luxury Accommodation

Silverdown Bed and Breakfast is perfectly positioned in Orange to delve into the rich and varied past of a region that has shaped Australia’s present day. Get prehistoric at the Age Of Fishes Museum. Learn about when fishes (we know, it should be fish but that’s the Orange way) ruled the world!

Get educated from local Wiradjuri Elders with Indigenous Cultural Adventures.  Understand the lives that have lived and flourished on this land for more than 50 000 years. Get golden with Blind Freddy’s Bushranger Tours.  Be taken through a time when the search for gold ruled the land. Get poetic at the More Than A Poet Exhibition.  Learn the life, literature and times of arguably Australia’s most influential poet – Banjo Patterson.

Orange is a regional city full of character and a great base for exploring the ample wine & food of the district. Bring your newfound knowledge back to the peaceful abode that is Silverdown.  Share thoughts, share new understandings and share memories at our Orange luxury accommodation.

Orange Luxury Accommodation – The Ultimate Getaway

Come to Silverdown for the luxury, stay for the wine, experience real local produce and country hospitality. For rest, relaxation, play, work, collaborations, celebrations, tastings and experiences, Silverdown is your number one choice for Orange luxury accommodation. The peaceful and stylish surroundings offer the luxury you deserve in a getaway or stay away…all that’s left to do is book your perfect country escape!